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Level 2: Corrective Care

Pushing Forward Toward Optimal Health

Pain is just the tip of the health iceberg. When it is gone, there is still a lot going on beneath the surface. To stop care when you feel good is to miss out on all of the help your body gets from having a truly stable spine and nervous system.

Corrective care is the treatment and self care that support your spine while it heals from your lifetime of inadvertent abuse and neglect. While participating in corrective care, you will continue to receive high quality adjustments, just not as often.

In fact specific lifestyle changes such as spinal strengthening exercises or ergonomic changes to your work station are key factors to minimizing the amount of care needed for a stable correction. The amount of time needed to make a thorough, stable correction to the spine depends primarily on three things:

1.) How bad the problem was to begin,

2.) How often you receive care, and

3.) What type of lifestyle are you living.

During the corrective level of your care, the responsibility for your spinal up-keep will transition from the doctor to you. You will be taught how to practice "spinal hygiene" to support your care. As your spine becomes more healed and strong, (and you keep up on your spinal hygiene) your need for care will decrease dramatically.

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